Buying Weed in Algarve, Portugal: Your Definitive Guide in 2024

Find out everything about buying weed in Algarve, Portugal. Visiting Albufeira, Vilamoura, Portimao, Lagos or anywhere in the Algarve and looking for good quality cannabis products? Find out the laws, penalties and how to stay safe while getting high. We have gathered all the information you need to know!

Algarve 420

3/10/20243 min read

buying weed in algarve portugal march 2024
buying weed in algarve portugal march 2024


Even though in 2001 Portugal became the first nation in the world to decriminalize the possession and use of all drugs, including cannabis, Portugal is still lagging behind countries such as Canada and the USA which have already legalized cannabis for recreational use, so in those countries you can simply walk into a shop and buy it legally, the case in Portugal is different.

In Portugal high quality cannabis is still very difficult to come by, as most Portuguese people prefer drinking alcohol to smoking weed, in fact most people in Portugal either have never smoked cannabis or have only tasted very poorly grown product. However if you are keen on getting high on some fine cannabis on your upcoming holiday in the Algarve, do not give up just yet and keep reading.

Under Portuguese law, possession of minor amounts of recreational drugs for personal use, including weed, is regarded as a civil offense rather than a criminal one. This means that if you are caught with small amounts you may face fines or other civil penalties but avoid criminal charges or serving jail time. The maximum amount of cannabis a person can have at any point in time is 25 grams which is considered a monthly supply.

While cannabis use in Portugal is not a serious offense, it is important to remember that if you are not discreet about it you could get yourself into a bit of trouble, even though not serious trouble but still a hassle that you wish to avoid, especially on a holiday.


If you are caught with a small amount of cannabis in Portugal, you will either get a fine, or simply get told off about it and that will be the end of the story, however it is better to avoid any issues by staying under the radar.

You can enjoy cannabis responsibly while on your next holiday in the Algarve, Portugal by being discreet about it, you can be smart about it by only getting it from a trusted source, such as the Algarve Cannabis Club (scroll down to last section for details) and by only smoking in private spaces such as your AirBNB apartment, or your hotel room balcony.

Do not smoke in public areas such as the beach or in the street, as you never know who is there to smell your sweet ganja smoke, they might not like the lovely Mary Jane scent, or they might be undercover police just waiting to nab some weed smoking tourists on their summer holiday and extract a nice fine from them, so be aware of your surroundings and do not make it easy for the man to give you a hard time.


Sadly, there are currently no cannabis dispensaries or coffeeshops in Portugal, due to current laws and regulations not allowing the buying or selling of cannabis and/or consuming it in public spaces. Few stores in town that advertise themselves as "Cannabis stores" only sell low quality CBD products and fake cannabis products like HHC products which should be avoided at all costs due to health concerns. Please make sure to avoid these stores if you are looking for the real deal. According to the reports of people that have written to us, only the Algarve Cannabis Club can truly assist those who seek the fine herb while exploring the Algarve.


If you are in the Algarve and are looking for the highest quality cannabis available please make sure to get in touch with the Algarve Cannabis Club, which is an underground association of cannabis growers and smokers in the Algarve.

We have received many good reports of people having a very positive experience with the Algarve Cannabis Club while on holiday in the Algarve, so our advice to you is to definitely get in touch with them as they will give you the best advice on how to get some of the finest herbs for all your holiday needs.

To get in touch with the Algarve cannabis club simply click the button below to send them a message on telegram. If you do not have the telegram app you need to install it via the app store. You can also just fill the form at the bottom of the page and you will get a reply to your email address or whatsapp number.