Finding Good Weed to Smoke in the Algarve May 2024: Tips and Recommendations

So you are planning to go on holiday in the Algarve region of Portugal but you are starting to panic because you think that you will not find any good weed to smoke on your holiday? Read carefully all the way till the end to avoid any anxiety on your next Algarve holiday!

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5/17/20245 min read

Are you already getting anxious before your upcoming holiday to the Algarve, because you are not sure if you will have any good weed to smoke while on holiday?

Planning a holiday to the Algarve and worried about finding good weed to smoke? Don't panic! Read all the way till the end!

This is actually a very common message that we get in our submission form all the time from people who smoke daily in their own home countries that are becoming increasingly worried as their upcoming holiday in the Algarve is getting near.

We are here to remove all worries and any heart palpitations from your chest regarding the possibility of procuring good smoke while you are holidaying in the Algarve.

Know the real situation before buying a plane ticket, let us tell you all about it!

Before you start your search for the real cure, whether it is good weed or premium hash you are after, it's crucial to understand the laws surrounding cannabis in the Algarve.

Portugal has decriminalized the use and possession of small amounts of drugs, including cannabis, so personal use and possession of up to 25 grams is not considered a criminal offense.

Having said that, it is still a well known fact that high quality weed or premium hash are very hard to come by in the Algarve region. The reason being that the local Portuguese people, especially in this region of the country, simply do not smoke cannabis, as they much prefer drinking wine and beer to get drunk so they can get distracted from their everyday drama, so the availability of good quality smoke is very low as no one cares enough or knows enough about the subject.

To sum it up, smoking weed is sadly not part of the local culture and most locals do not partake at all or even frown upon it as they consider it a "bad habit".

Even though cannabis is decriminalized, we highly recommend that if you do choose to smoke it on your holiday you do so in a discreet manner and stay respectful of local people and their own culture, only smoke in a private space such as your Airbnb or your hotel room balcony, smoking in public places like the street or the beach is not recommended in order to avoid any potential trouble.

Avoiding the tourist traps AKA how NOT to get scammed while looking for good weed on your next Algarve holiday

One of the best and most sure ways to get scammed is to try finding cannabis on the streets of the Algarve.

Unlike the famous Nike slogan -

Just don't do it!

Even if you are a seasoned world traveler and weed smoker and you are always able to find decent smoke by speaking to local people wherever you go, the situation in the Algarve is quite different from other places.

Because this region is based mostly on tourism, people often prefer to fleece tourists by duping them with fake products, or just taking their money and giving them absolutely nothing in return, it is the easiest way for them to make money without actually putting themselves in any risk. If someone sells you oregano on the street, the police cannot do anything to them, think about it!

Unfortunately we hear many such stories from people who come to the Algarve on their holiday and try their luck on the streets. All of them get sorely disappointed and lose their holiday money to unscrupulous individuals who have no morale values. These street scammers are just after making an easy buck by lying and deceiving naive looking tourists who are only after a good smoke to brighten their day. We do not appreciate this behavior so make sure that you do not support it by giving them your money.

Please whatever you do, do not approach anyone on the street asking for weed because they will for sure take advantage of you and you will definitely regret going down that path as many others before you.

What are the so called "Cannabis Stores" in the Algarve and are they for real? (short answer is NO, THEY ARE FAKE)

On top of the street scammers, there are more and more very annoying tourist traps springing up all over the Algarve, in Faro, in Albufeira, in Portimao, in Lagos, pretty much everywhere you go in the Algarve, you will see these stores on the high street that advertise themselves as "Cannabis Stores", some of them feature the name "Amsterdam" while others simply show the weed leaf on their logo.

These so called "Cannabis stores" are simply lying to people.

We have been receiving an increasing and alarming number of complaints from people that have been duped by these stores and were sold FAKE cannabis products while being told that these are in fact authentic THC products - they are NOT, so do not be fooled and lose your money to this scam.

In Portugal the sale of THC products in shops is prohibited and only CBD products can be legally purchased and they are becoming more and more widely available in all sorts of shops, but their quality is questionable at best or worse and they do not provide the much needed relief you are after, they only resemble cannabis buds in their shape and form, but even their smell is off and as we already said before they do not contain any THC.

The worst thing is that, the so called "Cannabis Stores" are lying to people by selling them synthetic cannabinoid products (made in a laboratory by people, not produced by nature) such as HHC, which is also now already banned in many countries as it carries significant health risks that are not disclosed by these "Cannabis Stores" to their naive and misinformed customers. They sell these HHC products to people claiming they are THC products, this is so wrong on every level, ethically and morally, so make sure you avoid this scam as well and save yourself from a potential trip to the hospital.

The Algarve Cannabis Club

If you are worried about finding a reliable source for high grade cannabis products on your next Algarve holiday we strongly advise you to contact the Algarve Cannabis Club, which is an underground association for expats only that has been around for quite some time.

Members of the Algarve Cannabis Club hail from all around the world and by applying for membership (which is free by the way) you can guarantee that when you arrive in the Algarve you can access their menu which features the best quality cannabis products available in Europe as well as some imported cannabis products from the USA, such as Cali strains and extracts.

Getting your membership includes a very quick verification process online which allows you to access their menu and delivery service, please note that they do not have a physical location.

The best way to get in contact with the good souls over at the Algarve Cannabis Club is to send them a message on their Telegram chat (Telegram is a secure messaging app for the smartphone).

We have simplified the process by providing a link to their telegram chat that you can find by simply clicking on the button below!

Click the button below to send a message to the Algarve Cannabis Club and you will usually get a reply right away, or within a few hours at the most if they are very busy.

If you do not get a reply right away please unmute their telgram user (click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen and choose unmute) and be patient as they are probably very busy helping other people in your exact same situation.

If you are having any issues you can also fill the submission form at the bottom of the page and someone will reply to your email or whatsapp.

We wish you safe travels and a very happy and high holiday season!