How not to get scammed while buying good quality cannabis in the Algarve in 2024

Going to the Algarve on holiday and want to find great quality cannabis without getting scammed? Make sure to read carefully!

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1/1/20242 min read

We all know the feeling, arriving in a new place, on holiday, not sure how things work, we do our best to do the research to make sure we understand the rules of each place so that we are successful in our pursuit of happiness and great times.

More often than not, if we are caught in our desires, we will succumb to our weakness and not be fully aware that in fact most people out there are not interested in our best interest, they are only out there to take advantage of us and our situation.

Being newcomers to town, travelers, tourists, these folks want to make a profit at our expense, this is their "dirty business", they do not wish to be honest and to truly offer a helping hand, but only to take from us and give nothing in return, these are the sort of people we have to beware of because losing money to them will not only ruin our day, it will also support bad actors in the space.

If you are looking to find great quality cannabis while you are on holiday in the Algarve in 2024, the guidelines to not get scammed are as following:

1. Never pay in advance - the pay in advance scam is very common online, usually you will find someone on reddit or other such forums that will offer to get you what you want, but before you even meet them (you will never meet them because they will never show up) they ask you to send them money, mostly in peculiar forms such as buying gift cards and then scratching them to reveal a code to them, then essentially you have lost your money to the scammer and they will never meet you with anything and after you give them the payment information they will disappear on you and stop replying to your messages.

2. Do not buy anything on the street - people will notice you are a foreigner as you look different than local people, all tourists have a certain look to them which makes them stand out, local scammers will attempt to approach you and whisper "weed, cannabis, hashish, cocaine, ecstasy etc" in your ear, do not believe them, they are only interested to take your money and give you a fake product in return, in most cases they sell people oregano, sugar or salt, anything that is not what you are looking for, you will be sure to get scammed if you transact with these street scum. DO NOT BE TEMPTED!

3. Cannabis stores in the Algarve - low quality "legal" products that contain no THC and are just low quality CBD products that have been sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids such as HHC or similar - this is not an actual scam just a "ripoff", because what you are getting is absolute overpriced garbage that is detrimental to your health and well-being, the experience is not good, and the price is ridiculous, these are classic tourist traps, best to avoid them altogether.

4. Your best solution to get the highest quality genuine cannabis products in the Algarve in 2024 - Join the Algarve Cannabis Club, where you can enjoy a delivery service for verified members, all you have to do is send a message on telegram and the good people in the Algarve Cannabis Club will make sure to help you find the right direction so you can get what you want safely and without any issues.

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