My Cannabis Story

What is the Cannabis plant? What is the purpose of using cannabis as medicine? Would you like to experience what it feels like to be high?

Algarve 420

12/1/20233 min read

This is a story about the most amazing plant, a plant that has so much to give and yet has been so misunderstood by so many for so long.

When I was in my teens I was an outcast, I was labeled as a gifted child, I did not get along with other people in my school, I was the different one, I was the kid who always knew all the answers to all the questions and everyone was afraid of me because they never knew what I was going to say next and most of them did not even understand the meaning of my words.

When your light shines so bright, many will get blinded by your truth.

I spent most of my adolescent years by myself, with my own company and with my trusted dog by my side, I could never find anyone to connect to, everyone was either too immature or too slow, I always knew I was going places and I was not looking back.

One day I started feeling depression, nothing made sense to me anymore, the place I grew up in, the people I was surrounded with, even my own family seemed like strangers I just ended up with somehow. Life was dim. There was little hope for change. I was spending more and more time in my room, never going out, dwelling on sorrow and anguish, lots of anxiety, social anxiety, romantic anxiety, life anxiety...

I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, everything was grey and dull.

Until, I met cannabis.

Then everything changed, for the better.

I could smile again.

I could be happy again.

I could enjoy again.

There was hope.

There was magic.

There was life.

Cannabis, weed, marijuana, ganja, grass, so many names for one special plant.

I got intrigued, where did it come from and what is the meaning of this plant?

Over the years I learned that this plant is God's medicine, it came to us from the Himalayas, Shiva's favourite plant, a sacred herb, a divine spirit, Santa Maria, Mary Jane, cannabis brings hearts closer together and heals the wounds of sadness.

We are all one, but sometime it feels we are all so different and set apart.

When we get high together, we celebrate the beauty of life, we can reach the higher realms of consciousness and we can discover our true life's calling through inner meditation.

Going into meditative states can aid one's journey to gain insight into your own mind's eye and then traveling into the unknown inside your soul to rediscover yourself.

Cannabis can assist us in breaking free of the shackles of this reality imposed on us by the "system" so we can then explore our internal selves in a way that was not possible to us before.

Smoking or consuming cannabis relieves you of the day to day stress that is everywhere. You are not your job, you are not your career, you are not your house, not your car, you are not your college degree, you are a dear soul that is found inside this meat vessel, and your mission in this world is to experience as much as you possibly can in order to learn the lessons, endure the hardships and achieve enlightenment.

Sacred plants provide us with a platform to break free of the bounds of this material world and help us overcome our mundane existence, whether it is a physical condition we are enduring or a physical disability that has been put on us, or whether it is a mental condition or emotional struggle we are facing, we can rely on our plant allies to come to our assistance and give us some moments of tranquility and peace.

Today, cannabis is recognized worldwide as medicine, cancer patients use it to relieve pain and nausea caused by the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and it has been proven that THC, the main active constituent in cannabis, can definitely kill cancer cells and reverse the disease to full remission in some cases.

Children with rare cases of epilepsy can benefit from high concentration CBD treatments to reduce their seizure count to practically zero.

There are endless use cases for cannabis as medicine, and every day we are learning more through people's experience with this special plant.

Indeed, cannabis is an amazing plant that has so much to offer us.

All you need to do is set the right intention, and remember that you wish to heal and become better, stronger and more connected to self and to source.

The cannabis spirit is here for you, this plant has been with us for thousands of years and will remain with us forever more, as long as there are humans there will be cannabis growing side by side, flowering and getting us closer to the joy we want to experience in this world.